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Retro Racing Jersey

Retro Racing Jersey

Replica of the racing shirt from the 20's in 100% Merino wool. Merino wool is a natural product with great features. The fiber surface of the wool is water repellent, which inhibits bacterial growth and therefore doesnt smell bad after heavy use. Merino clothes becomes fresh again when aired in open air.

Merino wool is warm when it's cold and breathing when it's hot. In this way, it ensures that you always have an even temperature! This also means that merino wool clothes works equally well in summer as in winter.

Machine washable, 40 degrees.

Limited edition!


Red fleece vest that keeps you warm in the autumn chill, or the Swedish summer evenings. 2...
Licens plate decal
Decal for your licens plate. Cover the ad from your car dealer with this decal.
Service decal
Service decal to note your latest service!
Keramikmugg med Alfa Romeo logo graverat.
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